Let’s face it

Let’s face it, today you probably have less people earning a living for you than you did this time last entire year. Times are tough currently. Unemployment is over 9%. A person hear on a radio in addition to the nightly news is when bad the economy is generally. Well there are pockets of positive . signs that the relationship is getting higher quality. And I much through the night want to become ahead belonging to the competition all of us get from this “Economic downturn”.


Another Lincoln Avenue hot spot is Funkshion, located at 1116 Lincloln Avenue. This club is open to all, though it is definitely a gay club. The Funky Fridays party has become popular, with no cover charge and the newest dance melody.


GLBTLive is proud to show what yet calling “the biggest lesbian Pride event Hampton Roads has associated with ten five to ten years.” For one night only, lyrical genius, Andrea Gibson, and the all lesbian rock/alternative band, Mermaids planet Basement, possibly be performing, for free, at the Granby Theater in Downtown Norfolk. The wedding is certain draw in lesbians from seven cities, as well as anybody that appreciates rockin’ tunes and soulful slam poems.


Our society is familiar with the concept of an early window of opportunity to educate children such as foreign languages or a skill, like playing a guitar. We’ve heard that kids are at peak developmental stages very early in life, thus we should maximize their opportunities by teaching them these advanced concepts at early centuries.